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Outdoor chair cushions - Factors to consider

Outdoor chair cushions are essential if you spend a lot of time sat around outside on your patio during the summer months or if you entertain guests on a regular basis around the pool or BBQ. Besides providing comfort, outdoor chair cushions also provide you with a way of transforming your deck or patio depending on your mood. While you cannot afford to and it certainly would not make sense to keep swapping your outdoor furniture, you can drastically change how they look by altering them with outdoor chair cushions. For example during holidays and for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries e.t.c you could have your patio furniture matching that occasion. This is a great idea when it comes to children's birthday parties you are holding in your back yard.

When choosing outdoor chair cushions there are some factors that have to be taken into account besides the obvious of the choice of color and style. All outdoor furniture will vary in the size of the seat of the chair, so unless you are buying outdoor chair cushions which have specifically been designed for your furniture you will have to take great care when it comes to the sizing of the cushions. Always measure the base of the seat so that when you go looking in the stores for outdoor chair cushions you know instantly if they will be a perfect fit.

If you are planning to leave the cushions in place all the time and especially so if you have your outdoor chair cushions near a swimming pool, then look for coverings that are resistant to mildew or that have waterproofing. You also need to take the design of your furniture into account, if you have plastic seating in white then of course your options will be more open, as almost any style of cushion and color will match with white plastic.

When choosing outdoor chair cushions you will also have to take into account the depth of the chair and the cushion. If the seat of the chair is of a large depth then you will not want a huge depth in the cushion which means your guests will not be able to touch the floor with their feet.

Also be careful when it comes to choosing the fabric for you outdoor chair cushions. If you are going to be leaving them outside for the majority of time then you will not want to choose fabric such as silk or velvet for the cushions. You would be better off choosing a material that is able to withstand changes in temperatures such as canvas.

Finally check out the durability of any outdoor chair cushions you are considering purchasing. Take a good look to ensure that the cushions have zippers on them which means you can take them off and wash them. Also pay attention as to whether they are machine washable and how well made they are. Is the stitching secure? Are there any tassels or fancy edging on the cushions that might come off in time or in the wash? All of these things should be considered before purchasing your outdoor chair cushions.

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